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Trezor Suite replaces Trezor Wallet web app

Say hello to Trezor Suite, the best way to manage crypto securely in your browser and on your desktop.

In case you missed our newsletters, note that the old Trezor Wallet browser interface is now no longer being maintained. It has been deprecated in favor of Trezor Suite, a much-improved app which we officially launched in July 2021. Trezor Suite is a more powerful interface for both desktop and web, and the only official interface recommended for use with your Trezor hardware wallet.

Please note that this article refers to the browser application called Trezor Wallet, not your hardware wallet. Trezor Model One and Model T hardware wallets will continue to be fully supported and maintained as before.

If you haven’t started using Trezor Suite yet, you may have noticed some loud red banners on the old Trezor Wallet portal. That’s because Trezor Wallet has already been deprecated, meaning it will not receive any new updates, and the domain will redirect to Trezor Suite from March 1 2022.

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This upgrade will have no impact on your keys or coins, which are protected by your hardware wallet. Simply open Trezor Suite and you’ll find everything right where you left it. Get Trezor Suite today and enjoy a more powerful, privacy-centric crypto experience.

What’s new?

At its heart, Trezor Suite is a completely new app. It has been designed to take advantage of more computing power to make it possible to do more with your Trezor hardware wallet, such as advanced privacy features available to everyone at the push of a button.

Despite using a different architecture and introducing many new features, Trezor Suite has complete parity with Trezor Wallet, meaning you will also be able to use all of the features you are used to. This includes buying, selling and exchanging crypto as well as signing messages, sending transactions, integrating with third-party apps (including Metamask) and plenty more.

Secure desktop application One of the overlooked advantages of Trezor Suite is that it can be used as a desktop application. This is important for two reasons: it gives Trezor Suite access to more computing resources for things like Tor and CoinJoin, and it keeps you isolated from potential phishing attacks. Thanks to having everything in one place, desktop users should not need to use their browser while operating their wallet.

Taproot accounts Trezor Suite lets you use Taproot addresses on your hardware wallet. Taproot is a major Bitcoin upgrade that unlocks many new possibilities including saving fees on transactions with many inputs and improving privacy over time.

Buy, exchange and sell crypto instantly Trezor Suite has an integrated crypto exchange comparison tool created by Invity that lets you, buy, sell or exchange crypto by connecting with offers from trusted partner exchanges. Buy direct-to-custody using your preferred payment method!

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Connect on mobile Trezor Suite’s web app is also supported by Android phone browsers, meaning you can connect your Trezor hardware wallet directly to your phone and manage your assets on the go. Unfortunately, iOS devices are not currently supported due to Apple’s limited support for USB standards. A Trezor Suite app for Android is also currently in the works, meaning that soon you will be able to connect your wallet to your phone without using a browser.

Privacy made easy Digital privacy has long been ignored by most web users, but the rise of cryptocurrency has helped raise awareness that giving away too much data can have serious consequences. Staying private when using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is of paramount importance.

That’s why Trezor is focused on making it easier to preserve your privacy when managing your crypto accounts. The first big step for privacy came with the Tor switch, a simple on-off switch that allows anyone to reroute their Trezor Suite connection through a privacy-focused network called The Onion Router (Tor).

Privacy will receive another significant boost with the introduction of CoinJoin later this year. CoinJoin mixes transaction inputs and outputs in a way that money cannot be traced from one address to another without significant forensic effort. Thanks to the recent Taproot upgrade, CoinJoined transactions could be made significantly cheaper, in turn making them even harder to trace as the number of users increases.

Do I need to switch?

Use of Trezor Suite is optional, but Trezor Wallet won’t be around anymore. You can still also use your Trezor with any other third-party interface that supports it, but you will be dependent on that app’s developers for any troubleshooting. With Trezor Suite, you have everything you need in one place.

We recommend that everyone use Trezor Suite as it is updated regularly and offers heightened privacy over most third-party solutions. Since it’s open-source, Trezor Suite also benefits from transparent security audits that keep it resilient against new threats.

Not used your Trezor in a while? You should still upgrade!

Many people keep their Trezor hardware wallets out of reach in a safe place and don’t connect them often. This is generally safe to do but occasionally new threats are discovered which can only be negated by releasing a firmware update. Make sure you update your firmware whenever a security update is announced. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest announcements.

The Trezor Wallet web app will no longer provide firmware updates, so all customers should use Trezor Suite to ensure their Trezor firmware is updated to the latest version and protected against all vulnerabilities. We always communicate if an update is essential to security in the accompanying release blog.

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